How Do You Keep Track of Cleaning Supplies?

Have you ever tracked how much cleaning supplies cost you every month? If you are into the cleaning industry, you know why stocking cleaning supplies is essential. 


But not keeping an inventory of the janitorial supplies costs your business a lot. Some cleaning supplies expire before you use them or some get damaged during transit, and this is a direct hit on the revenue you generate.


From general house cleaning supplies to eco-friendly products, there are tons of products your business needs. So, it is essential to have a robust process to keep track of everything. 


Here’s how expert cleaners keep track of cleaning supplies to maximise profit.


Invest in a Good Supply Management Software 


It would be great to have a good cleaning supply and chemical inventory management software in place. With the software, you can quickly find out the items that need restocking, so it’ll save you a significant amount, as you can avoid reordering items that are already in stock.


Furthermore, the software will help you prevent running out of cleaning supplies. Next time when there’s an urgent client requirement, your janitorial staff won’t struggle in arranging the supplies.


Pay Attention to the Storage System 


Developing a storage system is an amazing idea to check on each storage site from time to time. Most cleaning agencies store the supplies at different client locations, and it results in nuisance most of the time if the stock isn’t managed properly.


But having a well-managed storage system in place, will make it easier for your employees to know about the items in stock. It’ll even help the employee in finding the cleaning supplies when they switch the work sites. 


Knowing about the cleaning supplies stock will help your employees reach the client’s location on time, and it’ll reflect positively on your business’s growth. 

Minimising On-site Storage Will Help 


Some cleaning agencies receive the cleaning supply shipments on several client locations to reduce transportation. Well, it’s a great move to reduce the overall cost, but tracking the supplies can become hard. 


Your business should store more than 70% of the supplies in the main headquarters to track the stock quickly. Keep shipping the supplies to the on-site client storage warehouses from time to time as requested by the staff.


Show Some Love to the Employees


If there’s someone aware of everything related to your business, including the cleaning supplies, then it’s none other than the employees. 


The employees are responsible for everything, including managing the supplies and using them. Incentivising the employees will encourage them to work with dedication, and it’ll help you keep an accurate record of the cleaning supplies. 


Final Thoughts 


Saving money on the cleaning supplies will help you upscale the revenue, so it’s just like earning more. Make sure to invest in good inventory management software specially designed for your business and meet all the requirements. 


Lastly, follow these tips to create a robust system that works for your business and helps in saving thousands of dollars every year.